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Child Support

Child Support in Ontario is paid based on your income and the number of children you are supporting. There is a link to the Ontario Child Support Guideline Table on the Resources page where you can look up the amount of support you have to pay. The residence or parenting schedule is a factor in determining child support.
Child support is not taxable. The parent paying child support cannot deduct it from his or her income and the parenting receiving the support does not include the support received in his or her income.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support in Ontario is paid based on a variety of factors, including each person’s income, the length of the marriage or cohabitation, child support and the parenting schedule. Entitlement to spousal support and other factors may also be relevant based on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. There is a link to a spousal support calculator in the Resources page where you can go to get a basic idea of the amount of spousal support that might be owed.

Child Custody and Access

Custody primarily has to deal with decision making for your children and include the following area of decisions making: religion, health care, education and activities. Access is basically the parenting schedule. More information on custody and access can be found on the Resources page.

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