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Your Separation, Your Way

Your family is unique and you need solutions that will meet the needs of your family. Resolving your dispute using mediation allows you to create customized solutions. In traditional negotiations or court, you are confined by the law which is applied in sometimes unpredictable ways. In mediation, you have more control over the outcome.

What are the benefits of the mediation?

Preserves Relationships

When you remove the threat of court and shift the focus away from winning, you can focus on how to create a situation that is beneficial for your entire family. At a minimum, mediation can teach parents how to communicate respectfully. At its best, mediation can transform fractured relationships into positive parenting relationships.


Mediation is more cost effective than other processes because spouses often share the cost of the mediation. In traditional negotiation or court, where you each have your own lawyer, the cost is often double, if not more.


Mediation allows you and your spouse to keep your family information confidential.


Unlike traditional negotiation or court, you and your spouse control the frequency of when we meet. If you want to meet in one or two weeks after the homework is completed we meet. Often mediation is quicker than other processes.

Separation doesn’t have to be Stressful.

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What does a typical mediation legal process look like?

Confidential Intake


After you and your spouse have agreed to mediate your issues, a confidential intake session is scheduled with each of you. The purpose of this intake is so that I can learn more about you, your concerns and goals.



After I meet with you I will determine if mediation is appropriate and whether you might benefit from lawyer assisted mediation. Often mediation is not appropriate in cases of domestic violence.



Together we talk about the issues that need to be addressed including the date of separation. We will talk about what documents each of you need to provide and you will be given homework before the session begin.

Mediation Sessions


We will go through each issue that needs to be addressed and you will negotiate a solution in good faith. Communication during these sessions are respectful and focus on describing each person’s needs and interests.



If you and your spouse reach agreements, a draft Separation Agreement will be prepared. We will then review the agreement together and ensure that the solutions you have agreed to are accurately represented.



You and your spouse will each be provided with a disclosure package, draft Separation Agreement and minutes from our session. You then need to meet with your lawyers to receive independent legal advice.

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