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Shannon Anderson

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I am a Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator, Negotiator, Peacemaker and Litigator. During my many years of practice, I have seen first-hand the emotional and financial stress that a lengthy and hostile court cases have on all members of a family, particularly children. Because I knew there had to be a better way to help my clients minimize the stress of a separation, I received training in Collaborative Family Law and Mediation. I have found that these methods help families create quick, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions that work for their unique situation. When court is necessary, I help guide my clients through the challenges of the court process.

My approach is to try to minimize as much as possible both the emotional and financial stress that separation brings.

Shannon Anderson

Family Law

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Negotiate with one another and focus on the needs of your family. Read more...

Collaborative Law

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Unbundled Legal Services

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When you come to meet with me, we will discuss your situation and needs. I will advise you of the different process options and answer any questions you have.


Together we will assess the different options. If you want a less stressful process, Mediation or Collaborative may be worth considering. If those processes are not appropriate we will discuss negotiation or court.


Regardless of what process you select, I will provide you with practical and pragmatic advice to guide you through your chosen process.


Keeping in mind your needs and goals, I will provide you with advice and potential ways to resolve issues so you can reach a settlement.

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To discuss how I can help you minimize the stress of your family law dispute, contact me to find out how I can help you solve your problem or resolve your dispute.

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Why Mediation?

  • You and your spouse realize that you are the best at making decisions for your family but could use the support of a lawyer at your negotiations.
  • Avoid the traditional, court-based approach to divorce and separation.
  • You want to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse now and in the future.
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Why Collaboration?

  • You want a less stressful process that allows you to put your children first, negotiate on a level playing field and decide what will work for your family.
  • You want to be guided through issues, legal principles and documents together.
  • You want to cooperate with your spouse and negotiate in good faith to save time and money.
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