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You need information and professional guidance on what legal decisions need to be made and your options. I will provide you with sensitive and practical advice. Alternatives to court including Collaborative Law and Mediation can save time, cost and stress if they are appropriate for your situation.

What are the legal decisions I need to make?


If there is a child involved, you may need help with creating or revising a parenting plan, determining custody and access, or determining child support. I help clients with these issues so that their concerns are met in a child focused atmosphere.

Financial Support

Child Support and Spousal Support can be confusing. While Child Support is governed by the Child Support Guidelines, they may not apply if you earn more than $150,000 per year. If you are self-employed determining your income may not be straightforward. I can help you determine entitlement and the amount of financial support.

Division of Property

Property is treated different for married people versus those in a common law relationship. I help clients figure out how property will be divided at the end of a relationship by reviewing financial documents and helping them get assets such as a pension or business valued.

Contracts and Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract can be useful documents to create clear expectations on what will happen at the end of a relationship. A Separation Agreement will outline your rights and duties in the future at the end of a relationship. I can help you negotiate and draft an document that will be binding in the future.

Separation doesn’t have to be Stressful.

To discuss how I can help you minimize the stress of your family law dispute, contact me to find out how I can help you solve your problem or resolve your dispute.

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Services for Changing Relationships:

Cohabitation Agreement

If you are about to start living with someone, you may benefit from a cohabitation agreement, particularly where one of you earns more money, owns a home or has children.

Marriage Contract

If you are about to get married, are already married but want to set out what happens in the event of a breakdown in your relationship, protect an inheritance or other asset, you may need a marriage contract.

Separation Services:


Resolve your issues in a safe, private and neutral environment. Focus on what matters most and put your children first to minimize emotional and financial stress.

Collaborative Law

A team of specially trained professionals, including lawyers, financial professionals and family professionals work with you and your spouse to negotiate a long-lasting solution to your separation.

Independent Advice

If you need a lawyer to review a mediated Memorandum of Understanding, Contract or Agreement, I will discuss you needs and review the document and explain your legal rights and duties.

Separation Agreement

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your separation, including support, property and child custody/access, I can provide you with a formal agreement.

Unbundled Services:

Document Review

If you are self-represented and want some assistance preparing a financial statement, application, answer, motion, affidavit or conference brief without the expense of a full time lawyer, I can help .


Nervous about that first case conference or motion? Want to represent yourself in negotiations? I can help you understand the process and learn to present your case favourably.

Case Evaluation

You may be unsure of the strengths and weaknesses in your case and want guidance on settlement possibilities and how to improve your case. I will provide you or possibly you and your spouse with a verbal case evaluation.

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